Sunday, June 15, 2008

you're so pretty. you can cook me dinner.

on Friday, i got my first ever bloody nose. it was interesting

julia, michele, and sarah all left for the weekend. only david, schwaid, and i are left. yesterday, we went grocery shopping, and stole a grocery cart to bring back all the groceries. now it lives behind our house. i went to the Mavis Staples concert, but then it rained and we went back to Emily's apartment until i remembered that all the windows in the BHouse were open. i ran back to rescue the house. it was okay. the only thing that had gotten significantly wet was my bed because it's right next to the window. at the concert, before i found JJJ, i had this conversation:

dude on the green: hey you're pretty. you wanna come home?

me: uh, no.

dude on the green: you're so pretty. you can cook me dinner.

me: uh...i already ate, but thanks.

dude on the green: come on, come spend the night with me.

me: ha uh no thanks. i'm just trying to find my friends (calling JJJ)

dude on the green: you're looking for your friends? they're not here?

me: no they're here. i'm finding them.

dude on the green: come on home with me. i'll sleep outside.

me: no thanks...hey JJJ where are you (locate JJJ and walk towards her)

dude on the green: damn. you're so pretty


  1. So hot, so curvy, we get molested. yup, that's how the flute section rolls

  2. so glad i answered the phone!!!

  3. You missed out on the chance to make a great life choice.