Thursday, June 19, 2008

Scoot Over! Snuggle!

So right now David is learning how to make cookies by following his great-great-great aunt Athina's recipe. He is also teaching his friend Bildersee to make cookies. Some quotations from the experience thus far:
Sarah: Have they preheated the oven?
Marina: David, have you preheated the oven?
Bildersee: David, you might want to turn on the oven.
David: They should put directions in recipes in chronological order. Like put preheat earlier in the recipe, depending on your skill level.
Then, Sarah asked if they had batter yet. David kicked her out of the kitchen saying "Hey batter batter."
Later, when Marina was questioning their progress, David said "But you haven't seen this batter. It's dense, like a neutron star."

Earlier today, I was lying down on the couch. Marina sat down next to me, yelled out "Scoot over! snuggle!" and then we both napped on the couch.

There was also the time earlier this evening when David and Marina were arguing whether the skim chocolate milk tasted like chocolate milk or watermelon juice. David thought it tasted like watermelon juice. They made me taste it, and to me it tasted like both watermelon and chocolate at the same time and it totally freaked me out.

Latest quote from the kitchen:
"How are you not burning your hands off?"
"Something's gone wrong"
'Maybe it's just something that hasn't gone right"

The cookies just came out of the oven, and are kind of flat. Marina had to eat one by putting it in a spoon. As she was picking it off the plate and putting it in her mouth, she yelled "Hot hot hot in the mouth!' Now they're discussing adding more flour to the batter, because it's weird looking.
David: "Maybe we overstirred them."
Marina says: "They're tasty, gooey, nom nom nom."

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