Friday, June 27, 2008

The Bridgeport BLUEfish

Last night Michele and Marina drove to Boston to pick up Marina's sister, who is here to visit.
Also, yesterday evening, JJJ, Kate Kraft, her Hong Kong exchange partner Sammy, and I went to the Bridgeport Bluefish game against the York Revolution. It was pretty sweet. First, JJJ and I walked to the train station and saw a crazy person sitting in front of the station holding a baby doll and a teddy bear, rubbing hair gel into the teddy bear. Gross. Then when we got off of the train in Bridgeport, we got a little lost (aka, JJJ got distracted by the water and ran towards it, so we walked along the water which was not very direct...) but eventually made it to the game. When we bought tickets, the guy accidentally sold us tickets for the game on Saturday night. We didn't notice until the really old guy collecting tickets was like "Wait a second, these aren't tickets for this game..." and then Kate had to run back and get us real tickets. It was also Thirsty Thursday at the stadium, so JJJ had a good time with that. The mascot is a Bluefish (duh), but he was a weird looking mascot with two teeth. There was also the fisherman, who ran around trying to catch the fish for a while. The bluefish ended up losing, but it was still fun, especially explaining to Sammy what baseball was.

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