Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get over here, Elliot

Last night, JJJ and I tormented Elliot's stuffed animal Tanuki. Ransom message: Get to New Haven ASAP, Elliot.

Then we watched Jesus Camp at BHouse, with Kate Kraft and JJJ. It was scary.

And, on the way to Shaw's yesterday, some creepy guy in a white car decided to follow me, saying "Hello gorgeous, you are beautiful. Let's talk. Come on, just talk to me. Please? Talk to me." This continued for about a minute until he finally drove away. Good times in New Haven.


  1. this blog would feel so empty if it didn't have flutes getting molested pretty much daily.

  2. I'm still sad about Tanuki. That poor little red panda... where will he ever find his dignity?