Wednesday, June 18, 2008

sometimes i do things that make me wonder whether i'm a real person

Frank was here, but will be leaving tomorrow to go to Italy. So, we made him tasty kebabs even though it was raining and we had to hold an umbrella over the grill so it wouldn't go out. Then, he and David went to go eat free Indian food in Branford while the rest of us watched videos on the youtubes. Then, we all went to Ashleys for tasty ice cream foods. Julia got an ice cream cone of doom with three giant chunks of ice cream on it. We walk over to the front to eat it.

Julia: I am having issues with my ice cream (sets ice cream down and turns around)

Marina: NOOOOOOOOO! (two chunks of ice cream fall off the cone. one falls on the counter the other falls on the chair)

Julia picks up the ice cream, one chunk in each hand and stands there laughing holding two handfuls of icecream. We got her a cup and everyone finishes their icecream.

Julia: (while looking at her hands sadly) guys? can we go home now? my hands are sticky.

So, we leave and as we walk down York street, it starts raining.

David: Is it raining?

Marina: probably

Julia: (raising her chocolately sticky hands to the air) OH YES! (then a few seconds later) sometimes I do things that make me wonder whether i'm a real person.


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