Saturday, June 7, 2008

Darwin! Use your Ice Beam!

Recent quotes by various people in the BHouse


"I keep falling under David Klumpp. This chair could really help you out in life David Klumpp."

"Do you think if I pull on my hair, I'll get taller?"

"Ken only shaves the insides of his legs."

"I like how you're touching your hair. Do it again. Now, dance around in a circle."

"mmm. texture. I want to touch that (Julia's shirt)"

"It looks like there are goldfish in your ceiling light."


(in a sing-song voice) "We are the crabs. We sit on your balls. And pinch your nuts."


"Do you remember when log-a-log got pwned?"


"Do they have the little house books in scenic locations? Like Little House in War Torn Iraq."

also, look up "bearded justice" on youtube. happiness will result.

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