Sunday, June 8, 2008

MoCCA + Avenue Q

everything today was generally awesome. at MoCCA, I met Randall Munroe, Jon Rosenberg, Ryan North, Chris Hastings, and Jeffrey Rowland. David got the five of them to create a combination comic strip where they each took one panel. it is the best thing ever. i asked three of them to draw me pictures and they did. I had a long conversation with Jon Rosenberg about biology and he showed me the new shirt that's on his website. i bought a lot of schwee from him. they were all really really nice. then we met up with Schwaid and went to Avenue Q which was good, too. on the train ride home, some people coming from the Puerto Rico Parade (or something) went insane and starting baaaaing like sheep because they thought they were going to get arrested. that is about it.

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