Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We're brothers!

Upon me remarking that I had family near Newtown, PA, near where David is from, David claims: "It's like we're brothers. Except you're a girl, and we're not related." hm.
And David learned how to turn on a stove today. During the lesson, we were talking about the effects of gas being left on for too long. David told Marina and I about a story his chem teacher had told him, where some teenagers had been 'pretending to be dragons' by having alcohol in their mouths, then blowing it out, breathing fire and stuff. Apparently one guy then breathed in. David ends the story with 'It took him three days to die.' There was a stunned silence in BHouse for about a minute.
And when I was in Starbucks, some guy had to be kicked out because he came into Starbucks and was complaining really loudly about the heat. It was pretty funny.

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